Beauty for Ashes

Adoption Timeline

July 2013- Felt the Lord calling us toward growing our family through adoption. Began talking more seriously about adoption and researching countries and agencies
9-12-2013 Found out we are expecting!
12- 12- 2013- It's a girl!!
5-5-2014 Ellie Kate was born!
8-8-2014 Started researching again and praying
9-12-2014 Attended an adoption meeting
October 2014- God confirmed Ethiopia to us, and we found our agency
11-2-2014 Orphan Sunday, officially started paperwork with New Beginnings and Adoption Avenues
11-8-2014 Application to agency
11-9-2014 Accepted into Ethiopia program!
11-13-2014 Mailed contracts to home study and placement agencies
11-24-2014 Applied for Sonscope Home Study Grant
12-28- 2014 Made our big announcement, we are adopting!
January 2015- Found out we received Sonscope Home Study Grant to cover for most of our home study!
January & February 2015- T-shirt Fundraiser
2-5- 2015-  First Home Study Meeting
3-3-2015- Last Home Study Meeting/ Finalize
3-30-2015 Finalized Home Study came in the mail!!
3-31-2015 Mail USCIS application for i600a
4-27-2015 USCIS fingerprint appointment
5-11-2015 USCIS approval letter came in the mail!
5-12-2015 Finish notarizing and state certifying all dossier paperwork
5-12-2015 Mail Completed Dossier to Agency
5-15-2015 Dossier with our agency
5-26-2015 Dossier in DC
6-9-2015 Dossier finally made it to Ethiopia!!
6-26-2015 Dossier registered in Ethiopia and Officially waiting for a referral!

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