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Thursday, May 14, 2015

1st Birthday Fun, USCIS Approval, and Dossier to Ethiopia!

It has been a crazy, but fun, few weeks!! Last week, we celebrated Ellie Kate turning 1! (can't even believe it) She had so much fun at her twinkle twinkle little star party!

We had our fingerprint appointment at the USCIS office downtown a few weeks ago!
Then, we had a booth with some friends (they were so sweet to let us share with them), at the Flowood Arts and Crafts Fair. It was a fun day, and we brought in just over $700 toward our adoption! From people buying at our booth and friends and neighbors seeing us working in our garage and buying crosses and frames. I think Ben lived in our garage for about 2 weeks
Since then, we have been waiting for our approval letter, and we finally received our USCIS approval on Monday! (the last piece of paperwork needed for our Dossier to be complete!)

We went Tuesday afternoon to get everything else notarized and state certified, made copies of everything, and went to Fed Ex to ship it off! All 2 and a half pounds in a box... After a long day and a long 6 months of working on all of the paperwork, I wanted to hug the Fed Ex lady!! And beg her to guard it with her life :) Of course we had to get a picture!
 It looks like Ellie knows just how important that little box is!
She even took a few steps for the first time at her daddy's office making copies.. we were screaming!

Now, our agency is sending our Dossier to DC, then on to Ethiopia, and we will hear that we are officially registered and on the waiting list soon!!

Also, just another example of the Lord providing- we received a grant from our church for the exact amount we were needing to submit our Dossier, just in time to submit it. With that, our t-shirt fundraiser, and the craft fair, we had just enough! Now, we will have about a year or so to save and raise the rest before we receive our referral..

We are working on getting a new summer color of our t-shirt design and going to place another order of them soon :)  Thank you for spreading the word to your friends and getting more people wanting to buy shirts, it has been a huge blessing!!

It was a sweet Mother's Day with my little girl.. so thankful for her and can't wait to have both my babies home together! (Ben somehow managed to get her hand prints done without me noticing during all the party craziness- I will treasure this!!)

"I will look back, and see that You are faithful,
I look ahead, believing You are able,
Jesus, Lord of all."

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  1. Finally sending that dossier is such a great feeling!! Congrats!