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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adoption Updates!

It's been a few months since we've updated the blog, so we wanted to keep everyone updated on our adoption process! The last few months have been filled with paperwork, home study visits with our social worker (we LOVED her!), physicals, fingerprints, adoption classes, and fundraising.
I came across this picture from the day we first started the adoption process back in November on Orphan Sunday- Can't believe how much Ellie Kate has grown since then! She is almost ONE!
Best news we have to share- Our home study is complete!!! All 14 pages.. basically our whole lives on paper!
This is a big {huge} step, and now we are in the process of the next step, which is filing for USCIS approval (US Citizenship and Immigration).  We sent this in and are waiting for our fingerprint appointment. Then, a few weeks later, we will receive our Favorable determination letter in the mail! Over the next few weeks while we wait for that letter, we will be finishing up our Dossier, which is a fancy word for all the paperwork we will send to Ethiopia to officially be placed on the waiting list! We are almost finished with it and are hoping to be on the waiting list by end of May/ early June based on the time it will take to complete everything and get it mailed off. After that, we will not have anything to do but wait and pray! The wait time with our agency is about 12-14 months to receive a referral (when we are matched and receive pictures and information on our child) once the dossier is officially in Ethiopia.. this time frame is just an estimate because international adoption is so unpredictable and depends on many things.. It has been awesome to get to be a part of seeing other people from our agency receive referrals/ travel to bring their children home! We are preparing for a long wait, but of course would be so excited whenever God's timing is

Some of the cuties sporting their t-shirts to help bring Baby Kitchens home!! It takes a village!

Keep sending us these sweet pictures- it makes our day to see them and think about how each of you have played a huge part in bringing an orphan to a forever family!

The Lord has been faithful to walk us through this process and continues to provide all that we need- even when we doubt that we will have enough to make it to the next step. We have been blessed to see Him use people to come around and support us- praying for us, encouraging us, buying t-shirts, and just the most generous ways people have blessed us.

Our house was a little crazy organizing all these shirts! A good crazy though :)

We have some extras, so let us know if you missed the order and want one!! T-shirts have been a huge fundraiser- bringing in over $4,000 and counting..THANK YOU!! We have also applied for grants and have been blessed to receive one to cover most of our home study along with more we are in the process of applying for. It is a humbling thing to have to ask for help, but God has been teaching us to humble ourselves and allow others to be a part of caring for an orphan in this way.
Love this quote because it reminds me how the Lord has opened our eyes to the orphan crisis- the need became very real to us when we were loving on this baby in the picture in an orphanage in Uganda. We know adoption is only one way to care for orphans- and we pray for more opportunities for orphan care around the world, family reunification/ preservation within countries children are born in, foster care/adoption within the US, and international adoption. All children belong in families!
We can't wait for the day (hopefully soon) that we can share our exciting update that we are officially DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia) and on the waiting list for our baby! Thank you for walking with us on this journey

"Faithful is He who calls you, and He will also bring it to pass." 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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