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Friday, June 21, 2013

Jesus said to love the least of these

We've been in Uganda a few days now.. and already the Lord is teaching us so much. This is only my second time to a third world country, and I am still learning that even though we come to help these people, really they end up teaching us so much, and we have so much to learn from them.
We flew here with 3 of our team members that we met in Brussels, and we made it with all our bags (we were shocked!). Then, the rest of our team came from meeting in London the next morning. Since they were all jet lagged, we went around doing different things to keep them awake to get on track. That first day we went to the children's home, which is the orphanage that Ken and Sherry started with Loving One by One Ministries. 17 children live in the childrens home, and they are so wonderful. They call us all uncle and auntie:) Some of our team played soccer with them, which they LOVE to play.
We also visited the New Creation School, where about 65 children are able to go to school with sponsorships. The children welcomed us with songs, and we danced with them :)
We also spent that day exchanging our money and getting some food to make pack lunches.

Yesterday, we first went to Mulago Hospital. We were told that about 80% of the people who go to this hospital end up dying there, because it is a government hospital and is free to go to, meaning they have the bare minimum. We visited children, prayed with them, painted their fingernails (and the adults too!), and gave them biscuits (cookies), sweeties (candy), and stuffed animals. Ben passed out biscuits, and I painted nails. They loved the bright colored fingernail polish. Even these children and mamas had so much joy. Then, we were given the choice to visit the burn victims in the burn unit side of the hospital. We were warned it would be very hard to see. Ben & I and most of the team ended up going in. I cannot express how emotional this was. There were babies and adults burned so very badly. Most of the babies are burned from stoves/ boiling water. I was able to pray with a woman named Ruth, who was burned on most of her body. I thought to myself, what could I possibly do to help this woman? Then the Lord reminded me that the only thing I have to give is His love, on my own I have nothing to give. I prayed for peace and healing, she was in so much suffering.

Then, we went to a school for disabled children. There were over 150 children with mental and physical disabilities. We played with the children, sang with them, gave them candy, de-worming tablets (they get these twice a year to prevent worms in their intestines), and just loved on them. They were so full of life.

Today, we went to an elderly home. The elderly here at the home usually have outlived their children from AIDS. They stay at the home, and we were able to hold an eye-glasses clinic for them. Many of them could not read anything without these glasses, and they were so excited to be able to read. One man sang to us from his song book once he could read again. Also, a woman named Anna Maria came to the eye glass clinic, but found out she was not going to benefit from the glasses, but needed to see an optomotrist. She was not able to do this because she would not be able to afford the visit. She was found in her home alone on the floor, all of her family had passed away, and she was brought to this elderly home 3 days ago. Sherry ended up sponsoring her to go to the optomotrist soon, and she will get the treatment she needs (which may be surgery). She was SO excited of the thought that she might be able to see again.
But, the main thing the Lord showed me today was His great compassion for His children. I am convinced that if He were here on earth, He would be here with these people.
I sat with a girl named Annette. Annette is 24 years old, and has spent her whole life at this elderly clinic. She has physical and mental disabilities. She was abandoned outside of this elderly home. We found her laying on the grass, with flies all over her. Aaron, Kathleen, and I rubbed the bug cream we had all over her, and the flies went away. My heart broke thinking of her laying here, abandoned, and so malnourished, with so many special needs. Please join with us and pray for Annette.

Thank you Jesus for sending us to this beautiful place to love these beautiful people that You love so much. My heart is full. Tomorrow, we start medical clinics. Praying for open doors to treat those who never are able to see a doctor, and through that share Christ's love.
"We love because He first loved us."  1 John 4:19

"For Christ's love compels us." 2 Corinthians 5:14

Moo-comma-auka-cu-may (God Bless You in Lugandan, the language here :)

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